We the Forbes Marshall are a leader in process efficiency and energy conservation for Process Industry. We have been listed several times among the Top 5 “Best Workplaces in India”, and first in the manufacturing industry by surveys conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute in association with Economic Times.

We consider our Diversity and Inclusion strategy as an important driver for promoting a work culture of performance excellence and holistic business growth. In line with this philosophy, we recently launched an initiative - SOCH with the purpose of unleashing leadership potential of the women executives in Forbes Marshall so as to enhance their impact and visibility in business success.

Dr. Soniya Yadwadkar and Team CerveauSys Strategic conceptualized, designed and implemented a structured learning intervention- Strategic Women Leadership Development Program for women executives in Forbes Marshall in alignment with the purpose of SOCH.

Dr. Soniya delivered this program in a most energizing, insightful and motivating manner. The program covered various concepts, topics and competencies that women leaders need to learn to increase their visibility and impact on business performance and also to lead happy and holistically successful life.

The program was highly appreciated by the top management, women leaders across various levels and has certainly contributed to our vision of creating a culture of diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity and performance excellence. We are glad to continue our association with Dr. Soniya and Team CerveauSys for our future strategic talent management initiatives.

Mr. Bobby Kuriakose - Director HR – Forbes Marshall

Mr. Sachin Narke - Chief Learning Officer – Forbes Marshall

Ms. Sanyucta Chakravarti - Manager – HR & L&D – Forbes Marshall

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We appreciate the contributions of Dr. Soniya Yadwadkar as external facilitator in our frontline Leadership Development Program - SGL. Since 2014 she has co-facilitated more that five such intensive programs for our first time managers / leaders.

Dr. Soniya's expertise of Management Science and Psychometric Assessments besides her wide exposure to industry enables her to provide an outside-in view on leadership. She is thus able to engage in positive discussions to bring out the best from the participants. On average she has received a score of 3.5/4.0 from our participants; who appreciate her subject knowledge and positive attitude.

We are looking forward to Dr. Yadwadkar's continued involvement in our leadership journey at Sandvik.

Best wishes,

Ian Pinto - Country HR Manager – Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd.

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We are Electronica High Tech Machine Tools Private Limited a business unit of SRP Electronica Group engaged in manufacturing of turning center, EDM, WEDM and sourcing of import machines to cater in Indian market.

We are reputed for our high quality products and commitment to service quality. We consider people excellence as an integral and critical element of our overall business strategy. Hence, we had identified developing a strong talent pool of high potential leaders as a strategic priority for long-term success of our business.

Dr. Soniya and Team CerveauSys Strategic became our trusted and reliable partner in the critical and enriching process of Leadership Development in our organization. Dr. Soniya and her Team -

  • Conducted Organizational Analysis to understand the core organizational strengths, specific leadership challenges and potential areas of improvement.
  • Conducted Scientific and Objective Evaluation of career aspirations, personality strengths, specific improvement areas for leadership development using psychometric tools, organizational data and interview methods.
  • Developed “Electronica HiTech Strategic Leadership Competencies Model comprising of 10 Strategic Leadership Competencies the senior team needs focus on for successfully executing Electronica HiTech’s growth strategy.
  • Conceptualized and designed a structured, highly experiential and insightful Electronica High Tech Leadership Development Initiative with a one year implementation period.
  • Implemented the program successfully by conducting 4 modules of 2 days workshops per quarter across the financial year.

Organizational Benefits of the Leadership Development Initiative

  • The initiative provided us an opportunity to brainstorm, analyze and get aligned on various critical factors impacting our business.
  • The program imparted critical conceptual knowledge, critical management tools/techniques and insights about strategic leadership that our managers can utilize in their work life.
  • The various intense interactions during workshop enhanced awareness and sense of urgency in senior team for using strategic leadership style over transactional management.
  • This program also created opportunities for managers to develop network and trust to work together as a cohesive team.

During this long-term association with CerveauSys Strategic, we found Dr. Soniya and her team did an excellent job of addressing the essentials we identified and accomplished that with humor and grace. The teaching-learning methodology emphasized peer-to-peer collaboration – the typical instruments of collaboration like role-plays and case discussions did benefit. The team brings with them a lot of intelligent insights, knowledge and awareness, which positively influences the participants to introspect. The team was successful in effortlessly striking a chord with the managers to provide a great foundation. It will be our pleasure to be associated with Dr. Soniya and her team on our future strategically critical consulting projects.

Mr. Sujit Natekar – Managing Director – Electronica Hitech Machine Tools Private Limited

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"Egon Software Pvt. Ltd. (ESL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Egon Holdings SA, a Luxembourg based company. Egon Holdings (EHS) is a privately owned conglomerate with Interests in trading and manufacturing of Diamonds and Jewellery, Real Estate and Investments. Conducting operations in 13 countries, the Group has built a reputation, for service reliability and professionalism.

Considering criticality of Strategic Human Resource management to deliver service excellence, Egon Top Team decided to transform our existing People Management Policies and key HR Processes for creating customer delight and fostering motivating work culture. The project involved developing progressive HR policies, designing Competency Based Performance Management System and revamping critical aspects of compensation system to benchmark with market best. CerveauSys Strategic was also entrusted with Competency Assessment and conducting Performance Management Training for managers.

Dr. Soniya and her experts from diverse domains successfully completed the assignment by seamlessly integrating the various initiatives and phases of project to deliver best results. Dr. Soniya's profound knowledge and experience about various HR concepts, processes and systems helped us establish progressive and motivating HR policies and processes. It was our pleasure working with Team CerveauSys Strategic and we wish them good luck for future endeavours.

Govind Killa - Director – Egon Software Pvt. Ltd.

Kalpana Halgekar – Manager HR – Egon Software Pvt. Ltd.

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An Engineering and Technology solution company engaged in energy optimization, environmental protection and food production through technological leadership in heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

"Soniya and I worked closely during her consulting assignment of Career based competency mapping at Alfa Laval. Soniya has demonstrated a high degree of expertise in her field and is extremely passionate about her work. It was enjoyable working with her. She works more like a Business partner rather than as a Consultant."

Ms. Aditi Warhadpande
HR Business Partner at Alfa Laval India

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A development and research foundation having glorious history of more than 45 years in eradicating poverty and creating opportunities of livelihood in India with its operations spread in over 15 States of India with a manpower strength of 4500 employees.

Mr. Girish Sohani
President – BAIF Development Research Foundation

We are Associated Manufacturing, a certified precision sheet metal components manufacturing company, having State of the Art manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune are dedicated to providing most innovative and efficient turnkey manufacturing and designing solutions to create higher value for our customers. We engaged CerveauSys Strategic to help us foster strategic focus, implement strategic planning process to achieve sustained and profitable growth during 2014-2015.

CerveauSys conducted organizational diagnostic to understand strategic strengths and challenges of our organization. Integrating the results of diagnostics, CerveauSys Experts implemented Vision, Mission and Values development initiative. CerveauSys Strategic implemented scientific strategic planning process and helped us in defining our strategic goals using balanced scorecard framework. CerveauSys identified the gaps and challenges that may create impediment to strategic execution and recommended specific initiatives and ideas for performance improvement.

The Strategic Growth Planning Initiative provided us valuable grass root level data pertaining to stakeholder’s perspective, business environment, growth opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of various organizational systems/processes. This exercise enabled our teammates to engage in healthy brainstorming sessions, ideations leading to greater awareness and motivation.

During our association with Team CerveauSys Strategic, we found Dr. Soniya and her teammates knowledgeable, friendly and result focused in their approach. They were able to build healthy rapport with teammates at every level, which helped us knowing the strengths and weaknesses of our team, which in turn helped us in defining a long-term growth plans for them.

The initiative facilitated by CerveauSys Strategic helped us in achieving steady and profitable growth in the subsequent financial years. We would be glad to engage Dr. Soniya and her Team for any such further strategic projects that may be necessary in the journey towards our mission.

We wish Team CerveauSys Strategic Success and Prosperity in Their Future Endeavors!!!

Mr. Ashvin Shah - Director and CEO

Mr. Dipen Shah - Director Business Services

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A Leading and aggresively growing chain of multi-speciality hospitals in Maharashtra with presence in more than 6 cities, through more than 12 hospitals, 1200 beds and over 2000 manpower strength.

Dr. Charudutt Apte
Chairman and Managing Director Sahyadri Hospitals Limited.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial welding machines. We offer a range of capacitor discharge projection welding machines, medium frequency (MFDC) spot and projection welding machines, stud welding machines and shear connectors.

We had engaged Team CerveauSys Strategic for the Strategic Planning and organizational transformation project at our company. The scope of work included organizational analysis to identify major areas of strengths and improvements, defining most convincing and inspiring mission, business strategy, organizational goals along with a robust performance management system to keep business performance on track.

Dr. Soniya and her team successfully completed this project. This initiative helped our organization in collectively deciding on our vision and mission. It gave a sense of purpose to the team members involved and drove them towards achieving the objectives. It also brought in a new energy and helped in bonding the team members.

During our association with Dr. Soniya and her team, we found them to be sensitive towards the organization needs and the challenges faced by the team. Their rich and varied experience in this field helped us a lot. Our employees easily and comfortably opened up to them which helped in the overall exercise being very smooth and easy going.

We will be happy to engage them as our trusted business consulting partners and would be glad to recommend Team CerveauSys Strategic to other growth oriented organizations.

Mr. Subhash Patwardhan - Director, Artech Welders Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Gautam Khare - Director, Artech Welders Pvt. Ltd.

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It was pleasure working with Dr. Soniya and CerveauSys Strategic Team. For the assigned project of developing Performance Management System (PMS) for Sarjak Container Lines, Team CerveauSys was able to quickly diagnose our problems and was able to design a model that would be best suitable to achieve performance objectives of the company.

Dr. Soniya's in-depth knowledge and multicultural working experience has helped us in effectively getting acceptance to the new concept, across various verticals of our organization. She was able to involve all brains across organizational hierarchy and was able to guide them to the right direction leading to timely completion of this project.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Soniya and Team for successful completion of the first project in Sarjak. We are confident that Dr. Soniya will continue to guide us to improve our management processes and practices even in the future. I wish all the best to Team CerveauSys.

Mr. Supal Shah
President Finance and HR

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I can definitely say that I'd recommend CerveauSys to anyone. CerveauSys helped us establish formal Organization Structure and HR processes. They are Knowledgeable, Energetic and Self-motivated.

I was also impressed with their Project Management Skills and Communications abilities. While working with CerveauSys, I got a chance to be challenged in my assumptions and see our situation from a different perspective.

Overall, I enjoyed working with CerveauSys, especially Dr. Soniya…they helped us create value for employees.

Mr. Atul Alurkar
Founder Director Eilisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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A Global Healthcare Informatics Solutions Company engaged in transforming people, processes and technology through their expertise and Information Technology solutions.

"Ours is a global Healthcare Informatics Solutions company with over 1,200+ man-years of domain expertise in healthcare processes & software systems. We are eadquartered in Amsterdam, (The Netherlands) and have Operations and R&D facilities India. Dr. Soniya worked with us as management consultant to define progressive HR policies and processes to create a cohesiveness work culture during our post-merger integration phase.

She carefully studied our business model, growth strategies and validated our organizational structure. She conducted employee engagement survey to find out key drivers for employee motivation, retention and performance improvement and defined progressive HR policies based on findings.

She designed a competency framework integrating our strategic priorities and competencies required at various levels and developed basic competency linked HR processes ( job descriptions, performance management, recruitment and selection). She conducted competency based HR process training for our staff to empower them on using these processes.

We found her to be a very "hands-on", friendly and motivating professional whose expertise in HR and OD helped us during crucial stages of our business growth. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours."

Mr. Devesh Rajadhyaksha
Board Member and Director 21st Century Informatics.

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"An Indian Unit of Fugro Group which is largest Multi-disciplinary company in the field of Marine survey, Geotechnical investigation and Geoscience services. Founded in Netherlands, listed in Amsterdam, Fugro employs more than14,000 employees in over 60 countries including India.

Dr. Soniya conducted Employee Engagement Diagnostic exercise in our organization. She was able to grasp the business challenges of our organization, design appropriate questionnaire and effectively capture employee feedback.

We found that she has the capability to develop a thorough understanding of the organization within a short time and formulate the exercise based on the client's actual requirement. During this project she showed comfort and flexibility in fine-tuning her concepts and methodology to align with our needs and integrate desired changes

Dr. Soniya's detailed analytical report and recommendations helped us understanding our employees' feedback and take corrective actions in the areas of Organizational Connect, Organizational Culture, Compensation and Working Conditions, Career and Professional Growth and Employee Job Satisfaction."

Mr. Bighna NayakMs. Aradhana Thakur
Managing Director HR Head

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Headquartered in Chicago IL, with operations in India, CoreCentric is leader in Reverse Logistics Supply Chain Service Solutions.

"When we commissioned Dr. Soniya Yadwadkar to assist us in creating our HR Policies Handbook, we had many ideas but did not know how to articulate them. Dr. Soniya spent time understanding our needs and the vision we have for the short to medium term and, based on that, compiled a concise handbook that can be easily understood and well implemented. We found her approach to be very methodical and professional and it was a pleasure working with her on this project. Although our HR needs are very limited at this point in time, we definitely look forward to working with Dr. Soniya on future projects."

Mr. Rajiv Doshi
Managing Director CoreCentric India Limited

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A leading nutraceuticals producing JV company formed by well-established Indian and Malaysian Corporations.

"Dr. Soniya is great service provider for HR systems and HR management. She is very friendly has deep knowledge about her subject. We had engaged her in 2010 as business consultant. We observed that great results, expertise and high integrity are the top qualities in her."

Mrs. Manjusha Bhave
Managing Director Carotino India Pvt. Ltd.

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