Project Based Initiatives

Employee Engagement and Internal Branding Initiatives

Our Employee Engagement Surveys / Assessments and Initiatives are focused on important employee satisfaction and engagement drivers having critical impact on successful strategy execution in unique business contexts of client organizations. Our recommendations help in well-timed and judicious deployment of resources on key initiatives that would contribute towards employee engagement.

Psychometric Assessments, 360° Feedback Surveys

Our specialized services in these areas help you gain insights into the innate preferences and leadership styles of your employees and executive team. This information is found to be highly instrumental in driving desired attitudinal and cultural change especially in the organizational situations that involve strategic or cultural shift in ways of doing business. These tools provide valid and convincing data for driving desired change during organizational development and transformation initiatives.

Competency Mapping and Competency Assessment

Our competency mapping methodologies help in identifying critical competencies required for successful on the job performance on various organizational roles. Competency Assessment process conducted by our experts enables objective evaluation of employees working in such job roles. The process provides valuable fact based data for ascertaining extent of person-role fitment and fair decision-making for employee promotions, development, reassignment, re-skilling to name a few.

Designing and Conducting Assessment and Development Centers

Our team of experts in the areas of business analysis, industrial psychology, clinical psychology, executive coaching and counseling offer help in designing and conducting assessment and development centers. This exercise helps in identifying employees with senior managerial / leadership potential or competencies to succeed in certain roles. This enables organizations in ensuring fair, accurate and objective decision-making for employee promotions, role restructuring or any other employee career decisions. This in turn helps in reducing failure risks and enhancing chances of desired business results.

Leadership Development Training

It is necessary for organizations to create internal leaders to achieve smooth and sustained growth. However it is not easier. Many managers who are proficient in their technical/functional skills are seen to be struggling on people management front. Managerial promotions can happen overnight but leadership is a skill as well as an art which takes time to develop. Our leadership development programs are structured to provide enriching, well-paced and logically sequenced learning to managers/supervisors in your organization so that your leadership pipeline keeps flowing smoothly.

Team Building and Other Soft Skills Training Workshops

Our highly customized soft skills / HR process training programs are created by integrating strategic goals of client organizations in our training design and delivery models. All our training solutions are implemented with predefined training goals and impact matrix which ensures better ROI on learning and development projects.

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