Human Resource Planning Process

Competency Framework / Model Development

A competency framework is a collection of competencies that can predict and produce successful performance in a particular organization. Competency framework establishes a sound, scientific and validated foundation for all the critical human resource processes such as recruitment and selection, performance management, career planning, leadership development and compensation/rewards. A systematically created competency framework not only enlightens the workforce on what results management expects from them but also what knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors can produce those sustained results in alignment with their organization's strategies and core values. Competency Framework provides base for competency mapping and assessment centre exercises.

Competency Based Recruitment and Selection Process

Investment in recruitment of talented human resources is the most strategic investment for any organization. It pays high rewards when the process of recruiting and selecting human resources is based on fair, well defined and objective criteria. Our competency based recruitment process helps you defining critical competencies for successful performance of various roles across your organization. Our competency based selection consulting empowers your organization for selecting right candidates with the help of scientifically developed selection tools and processes.

Competency Based Performance Appraisal and Performance Management Systems

Over and above focusing on results, the Competency Based Performance Management System designed by us orients employees on the behaviors that would help them achieve sustained strategic performance in complete alignment with organizational values. This helps in identifying and rewarding the performance and potential of your employees. The competency based performance management results in retention of critical talent and building a leadership pipe line for future growth.

Competency Based Training and Development Process

Our Competency based Training and Development Process helps in identifying competency profiles for various roles in the organization. These profiles provide meaningful and scientifically validated data on knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors essential for delivering best performance in a various roles. We design the Training and Development Process focused on strategically critical competencies for your organization thereby optimizing cost and enhancing ROI on Employee Training and Development.

Compensation and Benefits Structuring

Compensation and Benefits Plans have significant influence on employee motivation and retention. Fair, scientifically designed salary structure and compensation benefits plans ensure organizational competitiveness in external markets while ensuring pay equity internally. Our experts facilitate in designing strategically aligned, tax friendly and cost effective compensation, benefits and incentive plans to boost employee motivation towards organizational goals.

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