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CerveauSys philosophy

French Word "Cerveau" means brain. This is the most critical part of human body governing various higher level functions such as planning, organizing, decision making, creative thinking and problem solving which are the core aspects of management science. The word "Sys" stands for systems, processes and initiatives. In this sense CerveauSys (pronounced as "SevoSys) reflects our passion for designing and implementing intelligent, creative yet simple management initiatives to ensure business results of our clients".

Who We are ?

We are a group of professionals dedicated to bring Strategic Performance Improvement In Your Organization .... Consistently and Efficiently!

We are a creative management consulting firm offering value adding partnership with your organization for enhancing Strategic Focus, People Performance and Motivation, resulting in superior business outcome. We work with a business solution and growth centric approach. We diagnose and comprehend the strategically critical business challenges of our clients and structure our consulting initiatives to address and resolve those.

We work with pre defined results/impact matrix and actively work with our clients during all phases of implementation. In this sense, we are "Hands-On" Consultants. We define and implement long term and high impact initiatives which ensure a highly engaging and mutually enriching experience for both; our clients and we all at CerveauSys.

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